Anthea srl is a trading company operating in textile field.
Estabilished in 1991, it is specialized in production, import and export
of textile raw materials, products and manufactured items.

Its main businesses are:

  • Importation of products from developping countries.

  • Distribution of the imported products on the Italian and European markets

  • Production and sale of special products

  • Market researches and consulting services

  • Importations come mainly from South-Eastern.
    Our local agents take care of production and shipping, so as to meet quality
    and schedule requirements. As regards distribution on EEC markets, we have
    a wide agent network and a warehouse which is the base for our stock service
    of the available items.We produce special items on the commitment of our clients.

    Mainly markets for export are Far East, United States and Canada.

    Clientele: Weaving and knitwear mills, garmet markers, chain stores

    100% carded and combed cotton yarns
    Cotton/polyester, cotton/acrylic yarns
    Cotton/nylon,cotton cashmere yarns
    100% wool and blended yarns
    100% polyester spun and filament yarns
    100% ramie' yarns
    100% hemp yarns
    100% linen yarns
    100% Nylon high tenacity yarns
    Silver and ceramic fibers blended yarns
    Elastic, corespun and coretwist yarns
    Fancy yarns
    100% bamboo yarns

    Knitted and woven fabrics in natural and synthetic fibers
    Technical fabrics, antistatic, antibacteria, anti UV, insulating
    Furnishing fabrics and home accessories

    Knitwear, sportswear, accessories

    Hong Kong, Indonesia, South korea, Taiwan, United States, Canada,
    United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Greece, Spain, Belgium, Swiss

    Corso Risorgimento, 13/bis - Tel. ++39 015 8494764 - Fax ++39 015 8495196 - Email: